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Helpful resources for any startup or entrepreneur

17. February 2009

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As a new startup, it can be tough managing your time between working on your own product versus staying on top of competition versus getting entrepreneurial advice in general. There are so many blogs out there to read and people to follow on Twitter it’s tough to filter through it all. Below is a list [...]

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Choosing a framework; and why Django?

9. February 2009


I have been asked by numerous folks why we chose Django for ShopFiber over the alternatives like Ruby on Rails, PHP (Symfony) or ASP (MVC), and what they should be looking for in a framework.  So, here is my answer in hopes that this information will help you make a good choice for your needs.

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Startup Weekend: Detroit 2.0

2. February 2009


Being a Michigan native and up-and-coming entrepreneur is sometimes tough as there isn’t quite the same start-up community presence here as there is in Silicon Valley. However recently, with the dramatic layoffs of the Big Three auto companies, there’s a feeling in the air that it’s time for change. One event that I’m very excited [...]

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