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Case-insensitive username login in Django

20. March 2009


By default django’s authentication module (django.contrib.auth) does a case-sensitive username look up.  This means that a user with username ‘farhan’ will not be able to login as ‘Farhan’.  Obviously, this is not the standard behavior that users expect.  There was a ticket filed, but, unfortunately, the team doesn’t have time to fix (understandably, it is [...]

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“Free is not the future of web apps” (FOWA Part 2)

7. March 2009

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After having a blast at BarCampMiami, attending a social media mixer and enjoying a bit of Miami beach, it was time for the main event. The Future of Web Apps was upon us. The event was held in the Arsht center, a beautiful facility. It kicked off with Ryan Carson who introduced Jason Fried from 37Signals. The event was headlined by others like Joel Spolsky (Fogcreek), Aza Raskin (Mozilla) , and Dave Morin (Facebook). The best product demo/announcement was done by Francisco Tolmasky of 280North and their new product called Atlas. It was a well deserved shining moment for those guys that got a lot of attention and oooos and ahhhs from the crowd.

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FOWA Miami and Barcamp, Part 1 of 2

3. March 2009


Last week we were in Miami attending the Future of Web Apps conference.  What an amazing experience!  In addition to learning about some of the upcoming technologies and practices, we got to meet a lot of great people.  We met with many awesome local Floridian companies, entrepreneurs, designers and developers, and mingled with the speakers [...]

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ShopFiber in the news

2. March 2009


Farhan and I have been very busy with ShopFiber lately and just recently got back from our trip down to Miami, FL for the Future of Web Apps conference (which we will be posting about shortly). As a part of being involved with the conference we were recently featured in a couple online publications IT [...]

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