Barcelona Couch

Mon, Nov 22, 2010


The Barcelona Couch is crafted by Knoll, and it is based upon Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s creation for the German 1929 Pavilion at the International Exhibition in Barcelona. The design for this couch typifies modern architecture, and owning it is tantamount to bring a bit of art and architecture history into your office or living room. Construction of this couch starts with a hand-buffed frame, and its skin actually consists of individual squares of leather which were painstakingly welted together. The design for this couch won the Museum of Modern Art award in 1977, and Knoll has been the exclusive manufacturer of this design since 1953. The hardwood frame uses African Ramin protected with a clear lacquer finish. Eleven thick cowhide straps hide the rubber webbing which lends stability to the couch.

The legs of the couch are made from tubular steel with a polished stainless steel finish. 72 individual leather panels are used to create the skin with each being cut, tuffed and welted by hand. This couch was created with design as a main priority, and its level of comfort leaves a bit to be desired — so does the price point which comes in at a whopping $7903. High design obviously does not come cheap, but for this money we have seen quite a few alternatives which provide stunning looks along with plush comfort at under 50% of the cost of the Barcelona Couch. However, if the Barcelona Couch just goes so perfectly with your design scheme so that no others are acceptable — and you make the plunge buying this piece of furniture — then you can console yourself with the thought that you are buying a real piece of artwork as opposed to just a couch.

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