Benjamin Adams London Sissy Wedding Shoe

Fri, Nov 19, 2010


You (hopefully) only get married once, so splurging on your wedding dress and accessories is quite understandable. Many brides pay inordinate amounts of attention to their wedding dress, but they fail to give the requisite scrutiny to the all-important shoes. A less than elegant shoe can taint your wedding outfit, and for those spending significant amounts on their dress there are high-end fashion conscious wedding shoes. The Benjamin Adams London Sissy edition is among the most desirable of wedding shoes, and sophisticated women from all over the globe end up wearing them while taking their vows. The design of these shoes was inspired by Elizabeth of Wittelsbach — the Princess of Austria who is known to many simply as “Sissy”. The design of this shoe encapsulates Sissy’s sense of style as well as her capricious whimsy.

This wedding shoe has intricate detailing utilizing complex Swarovski trims, and it is crafted of the highest quality materials. The shoe was also designed with an eye towards comfort using soft kid leather — hurting or tired feet can only serve to detract from your once in a lifetime wedding experience. The upper portions of the shoe are made of luxurious silk further making you feel like a princess like Sissy. Feeling like a princess doesn’t come cheap — the Benjamin Adams London Sissy wedding shoes cost approximately $600 a pair. However, for an occasion as special as your wedding it is a small price to pay to feel like a princess on this most important of days.

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