Bluetooth Keyboard

Tue, Nov 16, 2010

Computer-related, Electronics

There are times when the small keys on your mobile device simply do not cut it. When you require a full sized keyboard to work with your mobile device, the Bluetooth Keyboard provides for an excellent solution. This Bluetooth Keyboard enhances your Internet experience with 83 keys, and its keys are comfortable and responsive facilitating rapid data entry for intensive tasks. Quick connections are achieved to your bluetooth-enabled devices, and it works with tablet PC’s, laptops, desktops, PDA’s and smartphones either with a USB bluetooth bridge or a bluetooth HID profile. This keyboard weighs in at only 73 grams making it perfect for traveling.

The Bluetooth Keyboard is compatible with myriad devices including iPhone 4, iPhone 3G S and iPhone 3G. The keyboard also works with a wide range of HTC branded devices running Windows 6.0 or higher. This Bluetooth Keyboard is ordinarily priced at approximately $100, but special sales have been seen with it priced as low as $30. At these price points, the Bluetooth Keyboard is a great value, and it can help save you from tediously entering large volumes of data via the tiny keyboard present on most mobile devices.

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