Godiva Chocolate Tower

Fri, Oct 22, 2010


Godiva is the Rolls Royce of chocolates, and serious chocolate lovers ordinarily only indulge in Godiva as a rare treat. Prices for Godiva products sold at most retail locations are exorbitant making it a luxury out of the reach of most consumers. Thankfully, the Internet provides for avenues which you can procure a nice stash of Godiva without spending an arm and a leg. The Godiva Chocolate Tower is an excellent option for those who desire to experience a wide range of Godiva treats without breaking the bank. The Tower starts with Godiva’s famous chocolate dipped strawberries which combine the juicy deliciousness of premium fresh-picked strawberries with Godiva’s decadent chocolate. Next comes Godiva’s signature chocolate dipped biscotti which is a favorite among many Godiva fans. A chocolate and caramel bar is Godiva’s answer to “turtle candy”, and it is sure to satisfy even the most voracious of sweet tooths.

Additional components of the Chocolate Tower allows you to experience Godiva in its purest form. These include milk chocolate pearls and a solid dark chocolate bar. To drink, the Tower includes devilishly delicious Godiva hot cocoa mix, and for your caffeine fix the Tower contains Godiva Premium Roast Coffee beans. This rounds out a complete Godiva experience sure to send chocolate lovers into cocoa-heaven. Bought individually, these items could easily run you several hundred dollars, however, when purchased as the Chocolate Tower package it can be yours for only $59.95. True, this is still a high price to satisfy a sweet tooth — but after sampling these Godiva goodies you’ll come to the conclusion that it was well worth it.

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