Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Wed, Dec 1, 2010


Within the realm of ergonomic chairs Herman Miller stands apart, and the ultimate offering from this renowned manufacturer is the Aeron Chair. The design team who crafted this chair started with a blank slate, and they set off to create a new bar when it comes to form, function and comfort in an office chair. The result was the Aeron, and it has since become the Rolls Royce of office chairs attaining a name which is synonymous with comfort. The secret to the Aeron is its Pellicle suspension system which revolutionized the office chair world. This system facilitates maximum comfort along with helping with the circulation of air in and around the chair keeping your skin fresh and dry. The Aeron Chair comes in three sizes and a wide variety of colors. Herman Miller has always been sensitive to the environment, and the Aeron was design to use recyclable and sustainable materials.

Due to the extreme expense of these chairs, they are ordinarily only seen within the offices of investment bankers, attorneys and corporate executives. However, those of more modest means have discovered the trick of buying second hand Aerons from sites approved as Herman Miller resellers. The most reputable of these used Aeron sites take great pains to fully inspect each chair and bring it back to a like-new status. Whereas an Aeron will typically run you around $1500 when purchased new, you can procure an unblemished used Aeron for only $625. Some of these sites offer warranties of up to 12 years which gives you further peace of mind. A second hand Aeron appears to us to be the ideal solution in countering the Aeron‘s only downside — its price.

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