Mirra Ergonomic Chair

Sun, Nov 28, 2010


When seeking an ergonomic chair it is often hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Going with the best manufacturers is one way to ensure quality — and none has a better reputation within the ergonomic chair arena than Herman Miller.  The Mirra Ergonomic Chair was designed by Herman Miller with an eye towards sleek style along with a penultimate level of comfort.  This chair features custom seat positioning, tilt tensions and adjustable arms putting you in complete control of the chair’s characteristics.  The Mirra was designed to support the entire spine in an ergonomically correct position.  Herman Miller’s proprietary Harmonic Tilt provides for pivot points at the hip, ankles and knees which facilitates maximum comfort as you go about your work day.  The Mirra comes in a wide range of colors, and those who are environmentally conscious enjoy hearing that it is constructed using 96% recyclable materials.

For some, ergonomic chairs transcend pure concerns over comfort.  Sitting in an incorrect position all day can spur or contribute to back problems as well as other physical maladies.  The Mirra has been deemed by experts to fully address health concerns relating to posture and seating, and users report vast improvement in the way they feel versus when they used a non-ergonomic chair.  Ergonomic chairs can be quite expensive, but Herman Miller has managed to keep the Mirra at a reasonable $599 price point.  Many competing ergonomic chairs are not rated anywhere as near as high as the Mirra, and they entail prices which are often double what the Mirra costs.  We highly recommend this chair for those who care about their back.

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