Riedel Eve Decanter

Sun, Nov 7, 2010

Glass and Crystalware

Fine wine needs to be decanted prior to its consumption, and there are a wide variety of decanters available to achieve this purpose.  The Riedel Eve decanter transcends pure functionality by incorporating artistic touches within the decanter’s design.  As opposed to the traditional shape of the majority of decanters, the Riedel Eve is modeled after a coiled cobra extending up 20 inches.  The decanter is mouth-blown utilizing lead crystal of top quality.  Using this decanter certainly adds to the drama when serving your wine, however, its delicate nature requires you use extreme caution so as not to shatter the decanter’s long neck (especially after feeling the effects of a few glasses of wine).

Outside of the Riedel Eve’s elegant design, this decanter pretty much serves the same function as lower priced, but attractive, decanters.  Depending upon where it is purchased, the Riedel Eve will run you between $425 and $500.  Other decanters constructed of the same lead crystal can be purchased for approximately $100 which represents almost an 80% discount to the price of the Riedel Eve.  Consequently, although we love the design of the Riedel Eve, we feel it is not worth the exorbitant price premium it commands.  Other decanters are quite attractive and can get the job done just was well as the Riedel Eve while saving you up to $400.

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