Swanson Triple Strength R-Fraction Alpha Lipoic

Wed, Nov 10, 2010


Humanity has been seeking a Fountain Of Youth ever since the days of Ponce De Leon, and many unscrupulous marketers have played upon this human urge by offering worthless remedies which are akin to snake oil.  Fortunately, companies like Swanson exist which offer tested products with quantifiable results.  Swanson’s Triple Strength R-Fraction Alpha Lipoic fights the ageing process by using scientifically recognized anti-oxidants, and it provides only the more active “R” isomer.  The active ingredients within Alpha Lipoic are stabilized which facilitates rapid absorption into the body.  This product also contains universal anti-oxidants which extend the life and efficacy of vitamins C and E which allows these crucial vitamins to provide their true and fullest benefits.

The “R” isomer is the only one which occurs naturally within the human body, and by including only this isomer type, Alpha Lipoic avoids putting artificial substances into your system.  Swanson employs a patented process to bind R-alpha-lipoic acid which allows for it to enter the bloodstream far more rapidly than competing anti-oxidants.  This product comes in bottle containing 30 caplets each containing 300 milligrams.  The price for a 30 caplet bottle ranges from $16 to $25 depending upon where you buy it.  This translates to under $1 per day which is a small price to pay for a product which could potentially add years to your life.

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